26 March 2012

Cthulhu, The Birds, and Exquisite Corpse

I have started this inquiry into ecorevelatory arts, and am casting a wide net. Sure, Andy Goldsworthy and the green building movement are obvious examples.

But also, I have been thinking a lot about how stories like Lovecraft's Cthulhu and Hitchcock's The Birds are also ecorevelatory, in that they take humans out of the center of things. I am curious about this exploration, this direction of it. I am curious about the monsters.

Since we live in a fractal universe, and we know for sure that vast communities of willful creatures exist on the microscopic level, then wouldn't it make sense to assume that there must be giants, as well, and in great numbers? Just sayin.

Last night I had some dinner guests and we played a few rounds of exquisite corpse. Two rounds were designated as monster-drawing rounds. For the third, we took on the task of drawing each other, which was really awkward and ridiculous!

Here are the results. I love them. After watching Exit Through the Gift Shop the other night, I kinda want to print these out lifesize and wheat-paste them around town ;-)

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