02 April 2014

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Revisited

I have always loved collage as a means of working through thoughts and ideas. We did a session at the Goddard residency a few weeks back and I think I speak for everyone in the room when I say that it helped us all to formulate our study plans for the semester.

One of the images I have always wanted to collage is the proverbial Virgin of Guadalupe that we see on everything from candles to bottles of wine.

I started by printing out a few versions of the classic image from the web. Then I piled up colorful pages from a stack of old National Geographic magazines. I sketched a basic outline on the panel, and spent the next two days high on glue.

I will probably seal it with several coats of good old-fashioned modge lodge. (later note: I shouldn't have done the modge podge, it caused some rippling and it would have been bette rot just frame the collage under glass. Live and learn!)

Here is the final result…

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap that is awesome! I am inspired... gonna dig out some of these old magazines//the modge podge I have kiking around here... somewhere...