17 May 2012

Portal to the Self

When I was living in Granada, I was always noticing the beautiful doors, and contemplating the way our front doors are portals to our lives. For ourselves, as we pass in and out of our homes, and for everyone who comes to visit, as a first impression of the way we choose to live.

I moved into my new place in Portland in mid February. It is a sweet little studio--a "mother-in-law" unit on the side of a house owned by a friend.

There is a huge yard, which was overgrown and needed care (here's the post on that project)

I have a tiny private porch, but when I moved in it was dirty and dingy, peeling paint and junk piled below.

So I decided to attempt a simplified version at home. Minus the killer tilework, marble slabs, and religious etchings! I had a box of leftover paints in a rainbow of bright colors. I tried to channel the Moorish influence, with a little Oregon circus mixed in.

My first sketch on the door was pretty clumsy. It looked ridiculous! But it was a start. At this point I decided that I was going to paint the entire porch, create a little hidden oasis in my active urban neighborhood.

My friend Dylan painted my mailbox to look like a silly green monster!

And Voila! Private, colorful, and inspiring! Now when people come over they get a sense of who I am and what I enjoy. The mailman loves it! And everyone who come over says,
 "I feel like I am in Morocco!"

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Wow I love this!!! )O(